Low Vision Aids


Make things brighter

One of the key elements of low vision solutions is the provision of special lighting to suit the patients’ individual needs.

Multiple studies conducted by Professor Hartmann from Munich/Germany with visually impaired people have shown that the provision of appropriate lighting can significantly improve visual acuity. An individually tested light temperature ensures comfortable and relaxed reading.

With optimised lighting, the magnification otherwise needed can be reduced.

Reduce the glare

People with reduced visual acuity often also experience lower contrast sensitivity.

Decreased contrast sensitivity may arise from cloudy ocular media, retinal deposits, the loss of receptor cells or similar.

Special blue blocking or comfort filters provide help in this context and enhance the ability to see in contrast.

Make things bigger

Magnifiers are one of the traditional aids to improve vision and are thus a preferred solution for visually impaired people.

They are used wherever it is necessary to enlarge an image. Be it for reading, in cases of reduced visual acuity, or to see details more clearly in hobby or leisure activities.

Illuminated magnifiers combine such an enlarged image with the advantages of optimised lighting. Individually tested light temperatures improve contrast vision and thus visual acuity.

Modern illuminated magnifiers are mainly battery-operated. One of the latest innovations in this field uses wireless charging and thus eliminates the need to replace batteries.

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