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High addition spectacles

The retinal image can be enlarged by reducing the distance between the object and the eye below the normal reading distance (relative distance or approach magnification).

However, the presbyopic eye is no longer able to focus on objects at such a close distance. This loss of accommodative ability requires corrective optics such as high addition spectacles.

Patients with binocular potential need glasses with base-in prisms to support convergence.

FONDA Leddles

Leddles is an optical light engineering wearable system generating a constantly and uniformly illuminated view space.

Leddles combines cutting-edge LED technology to a sufisticated electronic light controller to high magnification lenses and optical systems.

Leddles is extremely useful to visually impaired people as well as to any professional needing to perform high precision activities.

EyeMag TV Viewer

The Max-TV magnification system is ideal distances up to 3m thus ideal for TV, movies, sports and other theatre events easiest-to-fit, binocular, telescopic distance system. Hands-free, head-mounted glasses, 2.0x distance magnification adjusted so that each eye lens can be focused separately.


Magnifiers are one of the traditional aids to improve vision and are thus a preferred solution for visually impaired people.

They are used wherever it is necessary to enlarge an image. Be it for reading, in cases of reduced visual acuity, or to see details more clearly in hobby or leisure activities.

Illuminated magnifiers combine such an enlarged image with the advantages of optimised lighting. Individually tested light temperatures improve contrast vision and thus visual acuity.

Modern illuminated magnifiers are mainly battery-operated. One of the latest innovations in this field uses wireless charging and thus eliminates the need to replace batteries.

Video Magnifiers

In most cases, visually impaired people can improve their vision with traditional optical aids. In some situations, electronic solutions can be of further help. The video magnifiers featured in the SCHWEIZER eMag series provide additional options to improve vision around the home or on the go.

Cellphone for Visually Impaired

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