Video Magnifiers

In most cases, visually impaired people can improve their vision with traditional optical aids. In some situations, electronic solutions can be of further help. The video magnifiers provide additional options to improve vision around the home or on the go.

Looky 4+

We are pleased to introduce to you the newest addition to the well known Looky range: the Looky 4+. Our Looky 4+ has an array of functions – ranging from the known and loved basic functions dating from the original Looky, whilst keeping an eye on the future by incorporating the latest technology.

We kept the original concept of a centrally located camera along with an ergonomic handle for convenient use. A few of the modern aspects of this Looky 4+ are the highly intuitive and easy to use touch interface and its vibrant touch screen.

Looky 5 HD

The LookyHD Touch is the latest addition to the universally known and revered Looky range. The original Looky was the first handheld device to incorporate a centrally located camera along with a handle for convenient use. The new LookyHD Touch incorporates a bright, vibrant and intuitive touch screen producing superb crystal clear images and exceptional brightness utilising the touch interface on the 5″ screen.

Whilst embracing the future we have been careful not to lose sight of the features that made previous Looky models so successful. With this in mind, we have still retained the handle, which now has a dual purpose: the handle also contains the battery. The handle can be easily removed for your convenience when the LookyHD Touch is not in use, and also replaced once the battery eventually depletes. The handle system allows for you to bring along an extra charged handle as back up if you should require it.

The LookyHD Touch is the most advanced yet simple to use portable magnifier on the market and incorporates many other exciting features in one compact and sleek design.

Looky 10

The Looky 10 HD is the latest addition to the much loved Looky Family of portable handheld magnifiers. Incorporating a superb 10.1″ display, the Looky 10 produces crystal clear Full HD (1080p) images. The Looky 10 is the ideal 2 in 1 magnifier as it bridges the gap between the smaller screen portable devices and the larger fixed Screen desktop systems in one portable package. The Looky 10 is packed  with useful features including:

  • Fold out Integrated Stand creating the optimum reading angle for the user
  • Live Panning which allows the user to explore live text and images without moving the device
  • Excellent Distance view feature which will allow the user to view train timetables etc.
  • Mirror/Self View feature which will enable the user to do your hair or make-up


A complete and user-friendly desktop solution: excellent functionality, adjustable settings to suit the individual and ergonomic design combined in one device! During the development of the i-See we have taken into account the various needs of a wide range of users and how the device should fulfil those needs.

The i-See can be supplied with the user control either mounted under the screen, or as a separate remote control unit, the user can decide when ordering. This unique magnifier is able to work with all current TFT-screens between 17″ and 22″. The i-See can be fully adjusted to the personal needs of the end user.

Acuity 22

The Acuity marks a new evolution in Electronic magnifiers from Rehan Electronics. Incorporating a 22″ screen the Acuity 22 can be customized to suit the requirements of all end users and now comes with full A4 OCR incorporating auto language detection.

The Acuity 22 is provided with a FULL HD (1080p) camera and display as standard, giving the user a very sharp and stable image along with a very wide viewing angle. The XY-table offers space for A3 reading material and also incorporates our own unique Magnetic Lines technology that ensures the reader will never lose track of their text.

Aumed Aumax-VGA

Aumax-VGA is a flexible and portable magnifying solution. It’s equipped with a high-quality camera unit and easy to use. Just point the camera at where you need to see, the Aumax-VGA will bring the image to your screen.

Just connect Aumax-VGA to your monitor or TV through VGA port, and it will meet your specific needs.

  • 3 viewing modes: reading view, distance view and self-view
  • 3.5x – 79x magnification (on 19″ monitor)
  • Aumed Anti-Blur technology
  • Auto-focus camera with focus lock
  • 8 color modes
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