Make things brighter


One of the key elements of low vision solutions is the provision of special lighting to suit the patients’ individual needs.

Multiple studies conducted by Professor Hartmann from Munich/Germany with visually impaired people have shown that the provision of appropriate lighting can significantly improve visual acuity. An individually tested light temperature ensures comfortable and relaxed reading.

With optimised lighting, the magnification otherwise needed can be reduced.

Multilight LED Floor Stand

Floor base lamp with 72 durable and energy efficient SMD-LEDs. Switch integrated in the lamp head. Lamp head can be positioned three-dimensional through goose neck.

Multilight LED Table Lamp

The Multilight LED Table lamp has 42 durable and energy efficient SMD-LEDs and a solid table base. Its convenient on/off sensor switch is integrated in the lamp body & the lamp head can be moved 180° horizontally and 45°vertically as well as axially. Height of lamp head adjustable from 40cm up to 60cm.

Multlight LED Akku

The Multilight LED Akku Lamp features 48 efficient + durable SMD-LED’s, available in 3 colour temperatures to suit your needs. The extendable head allows you to adjust the height accordingly whilst the option of a rechargeable battery or mains operation allows flexibility of use.

MultiLight LED Mobil Lamp

Compact folding task lamp with 30 durable and energy efficient SMD-LEDs. Switches on and off automatically as the head is opened and closed. Lightweight and requires only a little space.

MultiLight LED Pocket Torch

Handy folding task lamp with 12 durable and energy efficient SMD-LEDs. Switches on and off automatically as the head is opened and closed. Fits in every pocket, convenient built-in clip and integrated lanyard holder.

LED illuminated table top magnifier

SCHWEIZER expands its product range and introduces new LED illuminated table top magnifier. Be it for reading, crafting or art work, this versatile magnifier is ideal for close-up activities thanks to its multiple benefits:

  • High-quality, scratch-resistant 4-dioptre biconvex glass lens (120 mm Ø) for clear images
  • 48 durable and energy-efficient SMD LEDs provide perfect illumination of every object
  • Solid table base ensures overall stability
  • Flexible gooseneck arm allows for 3-dimensional positioning of the magnifier
  • Power cord with switch and EU power plug or optional EU/US/UK/AU plug set
  • Available in a choice of 3 light temperatures
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