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Telescopic Spectacles K Bino


inocular teleloupe system with 4 to 8x magnification for near vision.

The Teleloupe Spectacles K bino are intended solely for  binocular use in near vision to magnify reading texts to such an extent that they become visible again for persons with low vision.



The teleloupe spectacles K bino TTL professional are head-mounted binocular teleloupe spectacles used for medical and technical applications for binocular, stereoscopic near vision.

The teleloupe systems of Kepler design are available in different sizes. The optical systems are mounted on the carrier lenses (TTL = through the lens). If required, the eyepieces of the optical systems can be equipped with prescription lenses.


As a system carrier either the proven system carrier STMS or a fashionable sports frame are used. For maximum comfort, the system carrier is equipped with sides and a strap.

The teleloupe spectacles K bino TTL professional can be perfectly combined with the LED illumination Saphiro². Increased magnification in combination with shadow free illumination of the work area are the basis for optimal results.


Information on ordering and adjusting the teleloupe spectacles K bino TTL professional

In order to mount the optical systems on the carrier lenses, the following information is required when ordering:

  1. Single interpupillary distance for distance vision. (The

nasal displacement for near vision is calculated as a

function of the centration data of Carl Zeiss Vision)

  1. Viewing height for straight-ahead distance vision
  2. Vertex distance (corneal vertex to front lens vertex)
  3. Magnification of the optical systems
  4. possibly correction values for the eyepieces of the

optical systems

  1. System carrier (type and size)

Length (optical systems) 50mm to 59mm

Weight approx. 64g

Teleloupe system K

magnification working distance field of view
4.2 x 400 mm 75 mm
4.4 x 350 mm 68 mm
5.0 x 450 mm 65 mm
5.6 x 400 mm 61 mm
6.0 x 350 mm 56 mm
8.0 x 200 mm 25 mm
10.0 x 180 mm 20 mm

Frame sizes     Material/features        Color

System carrier STMS

50-18 small      Pure titanium              Natural

with solder-free              titanium 53-20 Med       standard laser welded


56-18 Large     large Straight temples

Elastic headband

Sports frame

Small (S)          Plastic frame               Trans-

Large (L)            Adapter for Saphiro²  parent


Price on request depending on Rx


Additional information


Both Spherical, Both Astigmatic, One Eye Spherical Other Eye Astigmatic


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