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Kepler Monoculars




  •  Hand-held Kepler telescope.
  •  Multi-coated achromatic precision optics.
  •  Eversible eye cup to correct the back vertex distance BVD for spactacles wearers.
  •  Ideal for maintenance of individual mobility (seeing bus numbers, street signs, reading time tables, price tags, etc)
  •  Dmall and handy.
  •  Focusable between infinity and about 250mm.
  •  Soft case neck cord included.
  •  Use as a hand microscope with the acrylic stand, which can also be used separately as a 3x stand magnifier.

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4 x 12, Mag 4 X field view 12.5°, objective 12mm, 6 x 16, Mag 6 x with acrylic stand 20 X filed of view field view 10.0°, objective 16mm, 8 x 20 Mag 8 X, with acrylic stand 25 X, field 7.0°, objective 20mm, 8 x 30 Mag 8 X, with acrylic stand 25X, filed of view 8.5°, objective 30mm, 8 x 20 Mag 10 X, with acrylic stand 30 X, field 6.0°, objective 20mm, 10 x 30 Mag 10 x, with acrylic stand 30 X, field of view 6.0°, objective 30mm


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