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Fonda Leddles




Leddles a wearble magnifying light.


Leddles is an optical light engineering wearable system generating a constanly and uniformly illuminated view space.

Leddles combines cutting edge LED technology to sifisticated electronic light controller to high magnification lenses and optical systems.


Leddles is extremely useful to visually impaired people as well as to any professional needing to perform high precision activities.

Key Features:

Uniform illumination. Constant light qaulity and quantity.

No shadows. Congruent with human field of view.

Hands free! The light is always aimed over the point of interest.

Freedom of movement. Your light is always with you.

Top preformance! Improves visual capabilities and hleps close activities.



Leddles is available in standard version with pre-assembled prismatic lenses.

  •  Pre-assembled reading glasses:

1,5 X (+6)

2,0 X (+8)

2.5 X (+10)

Additional information


Near Standard 1.5X(+6.00), Near Standard 2.0x ( 8.00), Near standard 2.5x ( 10.00)


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