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eMag 240 HD Desktop Video Magnifier


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  •  24″ desktop video magnifier in proven quality with comfortable image and resolution.
  •  High contrast flicker-free anf high resolution image in HD quality.
  •  The lowest magnification of 1.9x and the various viewing options (contrast settings) are ideal for RP patients.
  •  30 Different contrast settings.
  •  Horizontal or vertical reading mask showing only a slice of the screen for better orientation and fatigue-free reading fluency.
  •  Orientation aid zooms out and back in on a selected new area of a document (find function)
  •  The monitor can be raised, lowered and swivelled 180 degrees side to side for the best ergonomics.
  •  Reading line, position locator for writing and focus lock to switch off the auto-focus.
  •  Perfect illumination of hte reading table without glare by 4 powerful SMD LED’s.
  •  Large XY reading table which can be braked or fully locked.
  • XY reading table with built-in holder to keep cans and bottles from rolling off the table.
  •  The combination of a 16:9 camera and TFT LCD monitor avoids distortion and thus improves the reading fluency..
  •  210 mm working distance between the camera and the XY reading table.



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