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eMag 170 Desktop Video Magnifier


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  •  17″ desktop video magnifier in proven quality with comfortable image and resolution.
  •  Intuitive operation of the numerous functions such as the viewing options, the brightness and the position locator by function buttons in contrasting colours.
  •  Cionsitent illumination of the ogject without glare by bright lED.
  •  Stand monitor.
  •  The snapshot funcction can freeze the current image on the screen.
  •  The camera automatically focuses on the closest object in view making the use of reading materials different heights easy.
  •  High contrast flicker-free iame.
  •  High resolution of the image.
  •  By default the viewing options are full clour, black on white, white on black, yellow on blue, yellow on black.
  •  Previous magnification and viewing mode settings are always saved.
  •  TFT LCD monitor included.


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